Flipped lessons

Hi, everybody 😉

I’ve been thinking about last day. Some interesting things were said about this amazing approach, and,what a coincidence :-D, I just came across this video!!

Yeah,  you’re right: this is homework. After watching the video, can you answer the following questions:

  1. What are the main benefits and/or drawbacks of this approach?

  2. It doesn’t increase students’ workload. Do you agree? Explain.

  3. Design a brief lesson using this flipping approach.

We’ll see what you’ve got next Thursday

Let’s keep CLILling 😉

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Introduction to CLIL: the four C’s.

CLIL Thinking skills – LOTS and HOTS

Methodology Pills No.17 Lower & Higher Order Thinking Skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Teachers (Revised)

Dictogloss Dictation

CLIL lesson framework

Hi, guys. 

I just gave a try myself, and it took about 10 minutes: this is the result. I know there are slides which should not have been included, but I used a template

Next time it’ll be better. Promised 

Creating your own game to teach

Hi, guys.
Let’s start with homework.First thing you have to do is watch this video and understand what the guys is doing. Then, it will be time for you to do the same: you have to create your own game.Important: it must be genuinely yours. Besides, you have two options for the presentation of the game: a video(using YouTube video editor may be a good idea :-)) or in classroom.