CLIL PRIMARY: Science and Art

Hi guys.

As you know, there’s plenty of stuff on the Internet for you to use with your learners. The thing is that you need time and patience. Anyway, there you go. This is part of a whole we will– hopefully  some day–try in the classroom.

Enjoy teaching CLIL

  1. a presentation made by the teacher himself on Categories & characteristics of animals

  2. // :

    Task 7. Oral exposition

 Students talk about the type of animal the teacher show in the digital board. If they do not know they can ask the others, this activity promotes more practice so students can master the task. The model was uploaded to the school´s blog so students could do it at home in order to show their family how good they command.


Task 6. Animal farm. Students visit the mobile farm at school and categorize the animals they see orally as they have been practicing in class. Afterwards they do the same with the ICT teacher in a written chart.

 SOURCE: Best Practice CLIL Newsletter Nº 3


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