A girl discovers a doll that looks just like her… and she is desperate to get close to it.

By Mark Warner
Age Range: 9 to 11


Let’s use this video as a source of input to enhance learners’ spoken and listening skills.

What about the Teaching Ideas and Resources? What would you use this video for?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:

Literacy Ideas

  • Pause the video at different points and think of some captions / speech / thought bubbles for that moment.
  • Write a newspaper article about reports of missing children in the area.
  • Choose one of the dolls in the shop and write a story that explains how that child got there.
  • Retell the story from the point of view of Alma.
  • Write a sequel to the story in which Alma and some other children in the shop try to escape.
  • Think of words / phrases / similes to describe the setting for this story.
  • Think of reasons why the town is empty. Where have all the other people gone?
  • Write an alternative ending in which Alma is rescued.
  • Create a character profile for the person who owns the shop.
  • Imagine that you were a bystander watching what happened to Alma. How would you describe it to somebody else? Would they believe you?
  • Make an advert for the shop that sells incredibly life-like dolls.

Computing Ideas

  • Use publishing software to create a ‘missing person’ poster to encourage people to help find Alma.
  • Can you create a stop-motion animation that retells the story (or part of it)?
  • Design a website to promote this short film to others.

Design Technology Ideas

  • Can you design a doll that looks just like you?
  • Look at a selection of dolls. What materials are they made from? How have they been made?

Art Ideas

  • Create a storyboard that retells this story.
  • Make a comic strip about a different child visiting a very strange shop.

Music Ideas

  • Listen to the music throughout the video. How does it make you feel? What instruments can you hear?

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