Short films

Hi, guys.

Let’s see these short films and tell me what you think about them, and… why


3 thoughts on “Short films

  1. This short film reminds me an ancient yearning of human being to find the formula of happiness, but with a different approach, so far had seen or read a bunch of self-help books, even solemn and inspiring Gandhi quotes like “be the change you wish to see”, this short film takes a step further and invites you to makes the change in others, starting with a simple act of making them smile.

  2. I think this short film isn´t quite lifelike. At first, when we pay in a parking, we usually relate with a machine, there are nobody who tell us that we are amazing, pretty and greatest !!!!. But, at the same time, I believe that it could be uplifting and think that a little smile or a simple joke or a king word can make happy the people around us. It would gripping if everyone thought and behaved like Hugh.

  3. I think that Teeth is lifelike! For me it represents the scent of friendship! I was seeing those teeth as a symbol of all that we can share with friends (shame, laughs, solidarity, spontaneous-unexpected reactions…). I like it because is fresh and funny 😀 Nevertheless, in my opinion, the other short film (2+2=5) is a bit over-the-top and a bit disturbing, it shows a reality too but in a somber mood, maybe it happens in the world more than we want to. I’ve understood the message and its importance but this short film is not my kind of stuff.

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